Traveling while Pregnant

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Traveling with Babies & Toddlers

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Traveling with Children

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Travel Essentials for Parents

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If you’re a parent, or soon-to-be parent, you may have been told things like, “Once you have children your traveling days are over.” or “Better get your traveling in now! You won’t be able to once you have kids!”, and ”Guess you’ll have to stop traveling soon since you’re pregnant.” Guess what? Those statements don’t have to be true! Of course it will take more planning – you have more people to think about than just yourself now. You will likely have to change your style of traveling and the type of activities you add to your itinerary. But traveling as a parent is possible and we’re here to support you!

We've put together some basic guidelines to help parents: Traveling while Pregnant, Traveling with Babies & Toddlers, Traveling with Children, and Travel Essentials for Parents.  Click on the images above to learn more!


How to travel as parents chat


Do you want travel advice specific to traveling as parents? Do you want to know how are we able to travel with a baby? There are a few families out there that are able to travel as a lifestyle even with kids.  Perhaps a personal chat with someone with experience would help you feel more confident.



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