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Going to Thailand with a baby? We went to Thailand with our newborn for two months. If you’re wondering what to pack when traveling with a baby to Thailand, we have you covered. We went hiking near Doi Suthep, took in history at Ayutthaya, visited an Elephant Sanctuary, explored Bangkok, ate our way through floating markets, and rode on the Death Railway.

Being first-time parents and going on so many excursions with our baby in Thailand was a little scary, but we all survived and had lots of fun. I was a little nervous about bringing our little one to meet the elephants at the sanctuary, but he loved it! Check out our instagram to see him meeting the elephants up close.

If you aren’t sure what to pack for Thailand with a baby in tow, don’t fear! Here are our baby packing list must-haves!

1.    Baby Carrier

It’s easier to wear your baby than to push a stroller down an uneven sidewalk or take up and down stairs at the train stations. If you stay at a hotel in the city centers and don’t venture out to the floating markets, you may be able to use your stroller. We chose this carrier because it folds up into a small travel case for easy storage.

2.   Muslin cloths

A must have since it’s so versatile! We use them as lightweight blanket on the air-conditioned trains, as a sun cover when walking around outside, as a burp cloth, and as a swaddle. They can also be used as a makeshift bib when your baby starts eating solids! We’ve limited ourselves to 6 muslin cloths since we travel full-time, but if you have more storage space we’d recommend getting more so you don’t have to do laundry as often.

3.    Diapers / Nappies – especially for infants/newborns

It might have just been the stores near us, but both the supermarket and the mall nearby didn’t have a large selection when it came to newborn diaper sizes. There were many choices for babies from 8 kg (17.5 lbs) or larger, but only one or two choices for babies smaller than that. So if you’re used to a certain brand and you’re on a short trip, it may be easier to just pack as many diapers as you need.

4.    Mosquito repellent

We often covered baby nomad up in long sleeves and pants even in the hot and humid climate of Thailand, because as a newborn he got cold easily. This worked out doubly well because it protected him from the mosquitoes too. When he wasn’t wearing long sleeves or long pants, we used a mosquito repellent stick we got in South Africa. It was safe for the baby and worked well. I couldn’t find a similar baby-safe mozzie repellent stick on Amazon, but stickers or bracelets without DEET work well too. If your baby does happen to get bitten, you can use this to help with the itching.

5.    Umbrella / sun shade

An umbrella can help protect you and your baby from rain, and sun. While it isn’t common to see in the states, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the blazing heat of the sun in Thailand. This umbrella also has UV protection and vents to keep you cooler.

6.   Poop baggies

It’s common courtesy to tie up a dirty diaper in a baggie, but it also comes in handy when you can’t find a trash can nearby. Sometimes you may need to do a diaper change at a market with no toilets or rubbish bins to be found and you’ll have to carry that dirty diaper with you until you can dispose of it. Double up on the baggies before putting it in your daypack or diaper bag. PRO TIP: The baggies at pet shops are usually cheaper than the specialized “baby” ones. They’re the same bags. Save yourself some money by getting the pet ones.

7.   Portable fan

We saw many people using paper fans at the markets as it can get quite hot near the food booths. Sometimes a cool breeze will find its way through the market, but having a portable fan helps to keep the heat at bay. It’s also useful if you’re breastfeeding under a cover! This one is also very cute!

8.    Pacifier / dummy

This came in use when riding the longtail boats. When the boat would speed up, the water would spray back and we didn’t want any of it to go in baby nomad’s mouth. We did block his face, but putting the pacifier in helped too.

If you are looking to explore Thailand, we would recommend taking a look at the Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express, but there are also a few other great tours on that same site. Alternatively, if you’re interested in exploring the Thai Islands, check out the Thai Island Hopping Adventure or explore some of the best deals on day trips!

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