How to Travel

Answers to your travel questions! How can I save money to travel? Can I travel with a baby? How do I plan a trip? How do I find more time to travel? This section will help you figure out how to actually break out of whatever is holding you back - and finally get you to where you want to go. Our tips & tricks will save you money on every aspect of your trip - and more!  

Travel Blogs

We know our blogs are pretty awesome, but there are also a number of other travel bloggers who put together some great articles as well. This page is designed to share all of the Best Travel Blogs from actual individuals with locations from around the world. Are you following our Nomad Guide and creating a blog of your own? Let us know and we’ll add it to this page!

Travel Endlessly

Are you interested in learning how it is possible to travel the world as a lifestyle? Traveling forever is no easy task, but we can teach you how to get started by generating an income that never stops so that you can afford to keep going. Alternatively, we can also show you how to get a job in another country or what skills to learn to be a Digital Nomad!


Travel Inspiration

Over 1.3 billion people traveled in 2017, and roughly 1.4 billion are expected to travel in 2018.  Europe and Africa both recorded 8% more travelers than in 2016, Asia and the Pacific: 6%, the Middle East: 5%, the Americas: 3%. 

Globally, 69% of travelers plan to try something new. Millennials now account for 23% of global travelers and 78% of of them would rather spend money on a desirable experience or event rather than buying something. 

Some people decide to sell everything and travel for the rest of their lives. We did. Here are stories about why traveling can make your life and your career better.

More Inspiration

Eat World Cuisines

Good food can be hard to come by, but not when you are traveling the world!  Here are some of our favorite food destinations around the world, our favorite restaurants, and our lists of must try foods in the places that we've been.  There are also a few recipes that you can try at home!

Food Reviews & Recipes



Wander Abroad

While we prepare to offer Virtual Reality travel experiences to destinations that we have traveled to in the future, we also want to make it easy for you to travel to these places in person as well.  Itineraries, budgets, tips & tricks, travel deals, and good old fashioned photo galleries are here to help you make your decisions on where you want to wander next!

Great Travel Tips

Explore Nature

Some of the most beautiful things to see are often in the great outdoors!  We have gone hiking, biking, canyoning, mountain climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, paragliding, swimming, jet skiing, and even cave exploring.  Whatever the adventure, we have some stories to share and some places to recommend! 

Adventurous Activities