Rancho Canario Recipe - Canary Islands Traditional Food

Rancho Canario is a traditional Canarian soup. It's slightly different in each restaurant, and I imagine it must vary from family to family as well. For me the taste was a little similar to Portuguese Bean Soup from Hawaii except instead of kidney beans there were chick peas.


The soup is thick, hearty, and very filling. In restaurants it's in the appetizer section, but it could easily be a main dish. It generally comes with chicken and sausage, onions, carrots, potatoes, noodles, and chick peas, but again each place has it's own variation.


Whether in Tenerife or La Palma, the soup was delicious! It's definitely a dish you should try when visiting the Canary Islands. I think it should be easy to make at home as well. Here are a couple of recipes that seem pretty easy to follow: 

Rancho Canario soup tenderife el teide.jpg

Let me know if you use them and try them out! I think you could also replace the chicken or beef with ham, and add in cabbage if you'd like and it would still be delicious!