Yes, it's true.  We sold all of our belongings and have been traveling the world as nomads ever since.

If you're interested in doing the same then you have come to the right place!


Traveling requires money and regardless of how much you save up you will end up spending it all.
Unless you know how to keep the money coming in while you travel.

There are two paths that you can take to become a Nomad.

1. Path One: Travel Jobs & Digital Freelancing

The first is to find travel work, and we’ve made that easy for you.
If you are looking for travel jobs, then jump to Step 5 and check it out.
If you want to become a Digital Nomad, learn the skills with our FREE Nomad MBA.
You will learn how you can work remotely from anywhere in the world with these digital skills.

2. Path Two: Start & Build a Digital Business

The second is to create an income flow that never stops.
It is easier than it sounds, but it is not something that you can do overnight.
In 1-4 years, money may never be an issue for you again!
Are you ready to get started?  Start with Step 1 below!

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Breaking Free

Breaking free from the daily grind isn't something that happens by chance.  So, how could anyone break free within just a few years?  This article shares our story and tells you what to expect along your journey.


Step 1 - Generating Income

This is the first vital step in becoming a traveler, or nomad, for life.  In this article, we skip all the ways other articles say it can be done and jump right into the ways that actually work.


Step 2 - Lifestyle Choices

The next vital step is to choose what type of lifestyle you’ll want to enjoy as you are traveling. In this article we explain some tricks on how to customize your spending categories to fit your lifestyle and how to save money on each of them if you need to.


Step 3 - Budgeting

You are limited to what you can do based on your side income and savings.  In this article we explain how to create a budget and stick to it so that you don't end up turning a year long trip into a two month super vacation.


Step 4 - Daily Planning

Planning is key to making sure that you don't get burnt out while you are traveling. In this article we show you how to plan effectively so that your travels don't fall apart while still enjoying yourself. 


Step 5 - Working Abroad

Working will still be necessary during your travels, at least until your passive income is making you so much that it no longer becomes necessary.  In this article we'll show you how to streamline many of the things you will need to do while balancing your enjoyment of your travels.  


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