Our favorite travel apps - What Apps to Download before you Travel

Technology makes travel so much easier than before! Here are the apps we use to help plan our adventures, and keep us connected while we're on the road.

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1.     Google maps – you can download offline maps of the area you are visiting and they are available for 30 days. It works well for driving directions, but the walking and public transportation functions don’t work offline.

2.     Airbnb – It’s easy to find accommodations that fit your style of travel. You can set filters for budget, room/whole apt, washer available, wifi, etc. If you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb, click here to get $40 off your first stay!

3.     Rail planner – If you’re in Europe with a rail pass, this app can help you plan your itinerary. It helps to find trains without compulsory reservation fees. It isn’t perfect, but it does help with timetables and works offline as well.

4.     Google translate – The camera/photo feature is useful when translating menus, or trying to figure out ingredients in unknown delicacies at the supermarket. It is also useful when conversing with locals.

5.     Tripadvisor – We take the opinions in the reviews with a grain of salt, but sometimes they will include helpful directions or information.

6.     Instagram – Useful for travel inspiration and also sharing our own travel photos. Follow us @eatwanderexplore

7.     Booking.com – We don’t stay at hotels often but when we do we usually find the best rates through booking.com. Click here for $25 off your first stay.

8.     Facebook – I know this isn’t usually thought of as a “travel” app, but it does have some useful features for travel. You can ask for recommendations from friends, check reviews on company pages, and join travel groups. Click here to see our Facebook page. We'd love if you click "Like" to follow us!

9.     Amazon Prime Video – With an Amazon Prime membership we're able to send presents back home to friends and family with free two-day shipping AND make use of Prime video. Click here to get a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial.

10.  Messenger – You can message friends and family back home of course, but you can also make phone calls and video calls.

11.  Text now – We don’t use this app that often, but it has come in handy a few times. You’re able to get a US number, and make free calls to many countries through the app. We used it to call a local number in Italy, and also in Spain. It does have a lot of ads, but you can't go wrong with unlimited free international calling.

12.  Smart PDF Scanner – We use this for important documents, copies of passport, medical records, etc.

What apps do you use when you travel? Leave your favorites in the comments below!

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Jenny & Bradley of EatWanderExplore