Disney Cruise Line - Remy Restaurant Experience (Remy Disney)

Making plans for your Disney Cruise? Wonderful! We added a dinner to Remy on our cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy for our Honeymoon and are excited to share our experience. I think because it was our honeymoon we got an extra invitation for a pre-dinner champagne at the Tiffany’s store on board, but the rest of the experience should be standard. Although to say that a dinner at Remy is “standard” would be a disservice!


"Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!"

Yes, the quote above is from Beauty and the Beast, but if there's one Disney restaurant that can boast about excellent service, amazing food, and an overall mind-blowing gastronomic experience–Remy on Disney Cruise Line is it. Part of me doesn't want to share too much about the whole experience because the element of surprise is part of the charm. So if you just want to know if Remy is worth the $95 up-charge, then the answer is wholeheartedly, "Yes!" You can stop reading now if you don’t want any spoilers!


The food was amazing, and the service was perfect. Scroll down to see all the mouth-watering photos. The presentation is what put this dining experience over the top though. All the little details put into the service were well thought out. For example, when we arrived at our table, there were white napkins set but because I was wearing a dark blue dress, they switched my napkin to a black one.


Our server greeted us and prepared a cocktail table-side, explaining each step along the way. Of course the cocktail had a little Disney magic to it for the finishing touch.


Each course was presented with flair as a cloche – bell-shaped cover – covered the plate until it reached our table to be lifted off by the servers. The dish was then explained to us, and then the final touches/sauces were added to complete the dish. Being served each dish was like a show in itself. 


The course we've told all our friends and family about was our first taste. The amuse bouche came on a small spoon and looked like a crouton. Our server announced, "Here is your tomato soup!" and also mentioned we should wait about a minute to let the inside cool. We were unsure where the soup was, but we decided to eat the crouton. The crouton was the soup! The rich tomato broth filled our mouths and our eyes widened as we looked at each other, completely surprised by the best tomato soup we've ever had.


You’ll have to decide between the two menus designed by Chef Arnaud Lallement of l'Assiette Champenoise—a Michelin 3-star restaurant just outside Reims, France—and Chef Scott Hunnel from award-winning Victoria & Albert's at Walt Disney World Resort respectively. Since there were two of us, we each chose one of the menus and shared all the delicious dishes. It’s hard to say which menu won out as we loved all of the dishes. Plus, the menu changes depending on the season so your menu may not match any of the dishes we got. Safe to say that everything we tasted was exquisite and nothing was short of amazing.


The $95 up-charge does sound like a lot, and it is, especially after spending a few thousand or more on the cruise itself. But you're not only getting a great tasting meal, you're also getting a whole dining experience with excellent service and presentation. If we ever go on another Disney Cruise, Remy is definitely on our list of things to do again.


What about you? Have you ever been to Remy? Are you planning to go? Let us know in the comments below!

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