Favorite things in my travel bag- Women's edition

Planning a trip? Need help packing? With airlines charging fees on checked baggage and sometimes even carry-on bags, travelers need to pack lighter than ever. It helps to have multi-functional items and things that pack small and weigh little.

Here are 5 essential items I pack in my bag when traveling. 

1. A scarf – I have two circle scarves. One of them has a secret pocket that you can carry a passport or extra money in. It's really well hidden and I like how it looks on as well! You can fit a cell phone in the pocket too but it does make it a bit heavier to wear around your neck so I would use it for lighter items.

2. Lightweight down jacket – It's such a small lightweight layer, but it helps a lot. I got mine from Uniqlo, but found a similar one on Amazon here. I like how small it can get when you stuff it in a bag especially since luggage restrictions are getting tighter. Having your mid-section/back warm really helps to keep the rest of you warm when it's freezing out.

3. Travel razor – I like the Venus on-the-go razor because the handle is so small. It also comes with its own plastic case that you can snap the handle into and the moisturizing strips don't get stuck on anything while they're drying. I actually like the small handle better than the longer "regular" ones because I feel like I have more control and it doesn't slip. I wish the price point was a little lower, but for the convenience I haven't been able to find a comparable replacement yet.

4. Lifeproof cell phone case – After accidentally dropping my phone in a parking lot and shattering the glass face on the pavement, I decided to invest in a lifeproof case. It's been useful since I seem to have butterfingers when holding my phone, and it also comes in handy when it's pouring rain and I'm trying to use the GPS to walk back to my AirBnB.

5. Diva cup – Maybe this is a bit TMI, but I did write Women's edition at the top. Honestly, I'm still getting used to this cup. It is getting easier though and I don't have to pack as many backup pads/tampons which is quite a space saver!

Protip: It's best to pack things that you are comfortable with using regularly already. If you don't usually wear scarves, then you probably won't use it when you're traveling. Same with all of the items. What are your must-haves when traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jenny & Bradley of EatWanderExplore