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Nomads, Digital Nomads, Travelers, Wanderers, Adventurers, Explorers. Whatever the label is, we’ve been traveling non-stop since March 2018. If you’d like to learn how to travel forever too, check out our FREE Nomad Guide! A few months into traveling, we discovered that we would be expecting a baby in early 2019. A few months before the baby’s arrival, we started researching the BEST baby nomad gear. Our plan is to continue our travels with our baby nomad in tow and thus it was necessary to compile a list of must-haves and a few would-be-nice-to-haves. This is what we have found works best.


1. Baby carrier

There are SO many options! A popular recommendation was the Baby Ergo, which my sister has and loves for her littles, but I was looking for something more compact and easy to pack. Baby wraps are minimal, but require more tying, adjusting, juggling, and balancing the baby than I wanted to do. We ended up finding this soft carrier from Boppy which packs up small, has a hip belt, and is very easy to adjust. Another similar option that we almost went with was the Baby K’tan. It has been our #1 go-to item since baby nomad was born and we’ve brought him on all sorts of adventures with us, not just to malls.

2. Baby bed

If you’re planning to co-sleep then you might not need this. I wanted to have a safe, separate sleep space for our baby nomad. Many hotels and some Airbnbs have cribs or pack-n-plays available but we wanted to have something on hand as well just in case they didn’t have anything. It was difficult to find something that wasn’t too bulky or heavy as every pound (or kg) counts when you’re traveling! We thought about getting something like the Guava Lotus Travel Crib as it folds up into a backpack type carrying case, but chose the KidCo PeaPod Plus instead. It fits in a suitcase and can be used easily indoors or outdoors. Plus, it protects against mosquitoes - something co-sleeping and cribs likely don’t do as well (especially in places like SE Asia, India, and Africa). However, the reality is that in the first few months of having a baby, they like to be held so much that we have only used ours once so far. We imagine that it will come in really handy as our son starts to get bigger, but for now we have ended up just co-sleeping to make life easier. Letting him scream in another room just doesn’t work when you are staying at Airbnb’s!

EDIT: 3-month baby update – We use this tent regularly now that baby nomad has started rolling over. It keeps him safe while he naps, and he is used to it so he naps in it even when we move it around.

3. Stroller/pram

Since we’re headed off to SE Asia after our baby nomad is born, we decided to hold off on getting a stroller. Our baby should be light enough to wear for the first few months, and there are many roads/paths/walkways in SE Asia that aren’t paved or conducive for stroller pushing. But when we do get a stroller, we’ll likely get the Baby Zen Yoyo, or the GB Pockit Plus (money saver) for their folded, airplane carry-on size, and being lightweight, yet sturdy.

4.Diaper bag

Usually we carry day bags when we go out, so we have just been using them to carry baby essentials too. A large diaper bag wasn’t necessary since I was planning to breastfeed and wouldn’t be carrying around formula and bottles. However, we did get a portable changing pad clutch that also holds wipes, 4 diapers, and some bum cream. We also carry a large ziplock bag with a change of clothes for the baby and us. (Side note: We’ve recently read about EC – “Elimination Communication” – and are hoping it will work with our baby as it will cut down on the number of diapers we’ll need to purchase over the years.)

5. Car Seat Insert

We have just been renting car seats from the car rental companies, if we decide to travel by car. Our nomad baby hasn’t been very fussy when it comes to car seats, but every child is different. We have still considered getting a car seat insert that can be used in any of the rentals so that the smell of the seat will at least be the same to our Baby Nomad wherever we may be. However, we haven’t needed one so far.

6. Thermometer

We chose a thermometer that can be used a couple different ways (soft touch and ear). These methods we believe will be easier for our baby. We also purchased a few temperature strips that don’t require any batteries, because they don’t take up much space and can easily be used in emergency situations if the other one stops working.

7. Baby bath

We have been staying in places with tubs since we can use that filter on or Airbnb. Additionally, we picked up this puj flyte which works in shallow sinks to large size tubs, and folds up to almost nothing for packing. It’s also easy to clean, weighs almost nothing, and has a place to hang it on a hook for drying.

8. Multi-use scarf

This multi-use scarf is for both nomad moms and nomad babies. It can be used as a circle scarf, a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a stroller/pram cover, and a shopping cart seat cover. Multi-use items are great for nomads/travelers as you can do more things with less. It also works great as a make-shift sunshade or an extra blanket. For us, it has come in as a must-have item whenever we go out because our baby is breastfed and it covers up everything exceptionally well - plus it’s stretchy so it’s easy to get him up in there to just the right spot. It worked wonders on his first 3 flights!

9. Muslin Receiving Blankets

Just like the scarf above, muslin blankets/swaddlers are multi-use. They can be used as burp cloths, diapers, sunshade, nursing cover, and of course as blankets and swaddlers. They are lightweight and dry quickly. We have 6 of them and almost got a pack of 2 more, but it turns out that 6 is just the right amount for us. They can also be used to help cover the baby’s head when they are in a baby carrier. If you’re in a hot and humid location, you can also use it as a barrier layer between you and your baby when wearing them in the carrier so you don’t get as hot and sweaty.

10. A Soft Small Warm Baby Blanket

Newborns aren’t very good at regulating their body temperature and often like to be warmer than you might expect. For baby nomads, a warm baby blanket is an essential travel item – especially for flights! Airplanes can get very cold – the aisle with the bassinet is often near an exit door which makes the area much colder when up in the air. Our baby also loves the soft feel of the blanket we got and many times will calm down when he feels the fluffy blanket placed on top of him.

11. Swaddle Wraps

We received SwaddleMe wraps as a hand-me-down. At first we didn’t think they were essential as we could use the muslin blankets to swaddle instead. But the design and the velcro make the swaddle wraps a must-have. Babies are excellent at wiggling out of swaddles, but the swaddle wraps keep the baby snug and safe. Since the Moro Reflex often wakes babies from their sleep, swaddling them helps them – and you – to sleep better.

12. An Infant Sized Pacifier  

When you’re staying at an Airbnb or hotel and you need to soothe your baby nomad, sometimes the only thing that will help is a pacifier. We found a two-pack that came with a sterilizing case so it travels well. They come in various sizes, so make sure you get the ones that correspond with your baby’s age. Most advice online says to wait until your infant is at least a month old before introducing a pacifier to avoid nipple confusion. In our case, since our baby latched well during breastfeeding, we were able to introduce the pacifier at 1 week old without any confusion to our baby. We also got pacifier clips that we usually clip onto one of the muslin blankets to keep the pacifier from dropping on the ground when baby spits it out.

13. Infant Clothes with Feet and Zippers

Footed pajamas with zippers are your friends. Keeping baby nomad warm during flights or covered up in mosquito prone areas is essential. The full-length zipper makes it easier to change baby’s clothes quickly in the event of a blow-out diaper, getting them dressed after a bath, or just when they feel like being extremely squirmy. You can use them as a single layer, or as a secondary layer in slightly colder climates. Some outfits also have extra-long sleeves that you can fold over baby’s hands. It isn’t easy to keep socks and mittens on an infant so having an all-in-one clothing piece really helps. The footed pajamas that button up sometimes have cuter designs but when you’re a new (sleep-deprived) parent, you don’t want to fumble with snapping all the buttons when you could just use a zipper instead!

That rounds up our list of Baby Nomad travel gear essentials! All of the items on this list needed to be as lightweight, easy to pack, and long-lasting as possible to fit in with our nomad life. Are you planning to travel with your baby? Do you have any baby nomad travel gear must-haves that you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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