Did you know? - American vs. European homes

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American vs. European homes. Here are 5 differences we've noticed that you might not have known about.

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1. Garbage disposals – Did you know they were invented in the US and are largely absent in the rest of the world? I might not have noticed if we were staying in hotels, but so far I have not seen one in the 9 AirBnB's we've stayed at outside of the US.

sink no garbage disposal.jpg

2. Septic systems – Did you know that in some places, even in Western Europe, toilet paper can't be flushed because the septic system can't handle it? You'll need to put the paper in the trash instead.  Occasionally there will be a bidet to accommodate you if you're familiar with how to use them.

3. Warded locks – Did you know old-school keys and locks are still being used? In at least 3 of our AirBnB's in Europe our rooms had locks with a keyhole you could see through. Maybe they have them in older buildings in the US also, but this trip was my first time to see them in real-life.


4. Built-in closets – Did you know wardrobes are more common than built-in closets in Europe? Actually, this one has just been our experience so far. We have yet to see a built-in closet in the places we've stayed within Europe. If you're from Europe or have lived there, let us know in the comments if this is true!

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5. Clothes dryers – Did you know clothes dryers are not standard in European homes? Many people hang their clothes on racks or clotheslines to dry them. It saves electricity and if it's a sunny day the clothes dry faster than using the dryers. I know not all American homes have dryers. But since Wikipedia says that more than 80% of them do, then I'm going to assume that if you are living in the US then you are used to having the convenience of a clothes dryer.

Thanks for reading! How many of them did you already know? Let us know if you have any more to add!