Drone Laws in Morocco and Egypt - How to pass through without losing your Drone


Are you traveling to Morocco or Egypt and are you bringing a drone?  Bad news: Drones are strictly prohibited in Morocco and Egypt.  Customs at the airport, and the police, are exceptionally vigilant about catching people who try to sneak drones into the country.  If they catch you bringing in the drone, you will be fined and you will lose your drone.  No exceptions.  Possibly even jail time!

What are your chances on sneaking one in successfully?  Extremely Low!  

So, what should you do if you're already traveling and you already have your drone with you?

The best recommendation is to stop at Customs, BEFORE the bag scanner, and declare your drone to the authority sitting at the desk.  Yes, let them know that you have one!

I was worried when I arrived that if I declared the drone I may not receive it back either.  Well, that wasn't true.  They did return my drone to me!

This is what I did:


1. Declare your Drone in the appropriate line at customs in the airport.  DO NOT go through the bag scanning machine ("Nothing to Declare" line).  They will give you a receipt for your drone which you will need to pick up your drone upon leaving.

2. Make sure you are also flying out of the same airport.  This was difficult for us as we had originally planned to fly out of a different airport so we needed to rearrange our plans to fly out of the same one.

3. When you are ready to leave Morocco, go back to the same airport and check-in with your airline.  If you have any bags that you need to check, check them at that time as well.  You will not be able to return to check-in counter once you pick up your drone.

4. Fill out your Exit Paper (it's a small slip that is required for leaving the country and you need it to get your passport stamped).  You will need to have this so the guard can walk you through to security without having to wait in the line (s/he will likely not want to wait with you to fill it out after you pick up the drone).

5. Prior to going through security you will need to go back to the same exact spot that you dropped off your drone.  You may need to go through a small security check to get there.  Once you arrive, hand them the receipt along with 201 Moroccan Dirham (about $20 USD).  This is their "storage fee" for holding your drone in the locker room.  There are around 100 drones in that room at any given time, so if you don't have your receipt they will not know which one is yours and you will not receive it back!


6. They will issue you a receipt, which you have to sign, and return your drone to you!  (Congratulations!)

7. A security guard will walk with you to the customs desk at the security checkpoint.  Customs will allow you to pass into the security line.

8. You have to walk through security to get into the international part of the airport.  At this point your drone will go through the regular bag check and you will have all of your electronics out and in separate bins as usual, including the drone.  THEY WILL NOTICE THE DRONE!

9. You will be required to show them your receipt for having picked up your drone.  If you do not have your receipt you will likely get fined and lose your drone!  So, even if you somehow did sneak your drone into the country, you will likely fail here!  Show them the receipt and you have successfully made it back out of the country while still owning the drone.  Well done!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to add any additional comments!  Thanks and best of luck!