Historical Walking Tour of Dublin, Ireland - The History of Dublin, England and the United States


Trinity College Front Entrance

Trinity College Square


Neither Bradley nor I are great history buffs, but I think we are both learning to enjoy and appreciate history more during our travels. While in Dublin, we happened to see a flyer for a historical walking tour offered by history graduates of Trinity College. It looked interesting, so we signed up online.

Ireland has been featured in movies and TV shows like Leap Year, P.S. I Love You, Star Wars – The Last Jedi (Skellig Michael), and Game of Thrones (N. Ireland). The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful, and there is also a rich history embedded in the people and culture. It was fascinating to learn more about Dublin and Ireland as we walked around the city.

We met the tour guides at the front gate of Trinity College. The guides were standing right by the front gate and holding a handful of the advertising flyers. If you don't want to pay online or sign up in advance, you can just show up on the day and pay the guide in cash at the end of the tour.

House of Lords/Old Parliament, now a bank

"The Obedience of the citizens produces a happy city" mosaic in City Hall

Temple Bar - originally named a "barr" as in a sandbank near a river, but this area is now more known for its pubs and lively atmosphere.

Our guide, Tim, had just completed his PhD in History at Trinity College and was full of historical information about Dublin and Ireland as a whole. During our walk through Dublin we made quite a few stops on this 2.5 hour tour including Christ Church Cathedral, City Hall, and Dublin Castle.

One of four statues in City Hall - Daniel O'Connell helped Catholics win the right to become members of Parliament.

Christ Church Cathedral houses the heart of St. Laurence - a heart that was stolen and missing for 6 years, but returned anonymously in 2018. Rumors are that the thieves' family was cursed with multiple heart attacks following the robbery.

Mansion House - The official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin and the oldest Mayoral House in Ireland and Britain.

Dublin Castle - Although it doesn't look like what most people imagine as a castle, it does house a throne room.

The history of Dublin - starting from the Vikings, to the Romans, to the English, and up to current day – was fascinating. Our guide did a great job detailing stories so that you could really imagine what the city must have looked like back in each of those different time periods. We really enjoyed the tour and felt it was well worth the cost at €12/person.


Wood Quay - a site near Christ Church Cathedral is known to be the oldest part of Dublin dating back to Viking times. The archaeological site was not preserved, but some replicas of artifacts found are displayed in the sidewalk around the area.


In case you missed it – hover over the photos for more information about the places we visited on our tour. We recommend going on the tour yourself if you're in Dublin. 

The good news? If you’re taking the Taste of Ireland tour, it will start off with a walking tour of Dublin - plus you’ll end up seeing all of our other favorite places in southwest Ireland - a traditional Irish song & dance dinner show at the Merry Ploughboy Pub, a visit to the ideal Irish town of Killarney, a tour around the Ring of Kerry, a stop at the Cliffs of Moher, and a Medieval Castle Banquet dinner INSIDE Bunratty Castle as a farewell! We couldn’t recommend it more! Plus, if you do the Northern Ireland & Atlantic Coast Small-Group Tour from Dublin first, you’ll get to experience ALL OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF IRELAND (Northern Ireland, Dublin, and both the Northwest and Southwest sides of the Republic of Ireland). It’s an amazing pairing that you could easily pull off in 10 days!

If you’re looking for other adventures in Ireland, we recommend checking out the Highlights of Ireland deluxe tour, or these budget friendly tours that include Bunratty Castle.


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