The Perfect One-Day Adventure in Nottingham, England

When going to Nottingham, it is hard not to think about the legendary Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest! 


However, there are a few other things to do and see as well.  Here's an itinerary that will make your day extraordinary!

Archery at Unlimited Events in Nottinghamshire

If you have or haven't shot some arrows before, Unlimited Events will have you hitting the bulls-eye in under 60 minutes!  Extraordinarily fun while you pretend to be Robin Hood or one of the Merry Men!  We had a blast and would certainly recommend this place to anyone who is interested.

The Sherwood Forest & The Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre

Some things have to be seen for yourself!  Visit the Sherwood Forest and you'll find the Art and Craft Centre near the middle.  As the site says:

"The legendary stomping-ground of Robin Hood, this 450 acre country park is now part of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and home to a fascinating ecosystem. The forest has 900 veteran oak trees including England's Tree of the Year 2014, The Major Oak."

The perfect place for crafts is in Sherwood Forest as you reminice about Robin Hood and the Merry Men.  Some of the unusual crafts you will be able to partake in include textiles, turned glass, fossils and gemstones, woodwork, paintings, coppersmith, candles, handmade soap and jewellery.  Have fun!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

This pub/restaurant claims to have been established in 1189 and to be the oldest pub in England (among others). The structure of the building rests against and into Castle Rock, the same Rock that Nottingham Castle is built upon.  It is also attached to a number of caves that were carved out of the sandstone (see City of Caves below for more information).  The caves were originally used for brewing and as a cellar for the castle, and date as far back as 1068, when Nottingham Castle was constructed.

City of Caves

City of Caves is a part of over 500 sandstone caves that were created underneath the streets of Nottingham dating all the way back to the dark ages.

The tour taught us quite a lot about the history of Nottingham, including why the city is not named "Snottingham" and that the caves were used as air raid shelters during World War II. 

White Rabbit Teahouse

This tea-house caught our attention as we walked through the alleyways in Nottingham.  A decent assortment of teas and some delicious cake to boot!

Nottingham Castle & the Robin Hood Statue

Sadly, the Nottingham Castle is currently closed for renovation between the 1st of July 2018 until 2020.  BUT, that's a great thing because it's going to be so much better than before!  From their website:

A total of £29.4 million is being invested to redevelop the Nottingham Castle site, including the Ducal Palace and Grounds and the sprawling cave systems hidden within the Castle Rock.

Check out the Nottingham Castle Project website to see why you can't miss going to the castle when it opens back up in 2020.  In the meantime, you can hang out on the outside of the castle and visit statues of Robin Hood and the Merry Men as well as the original castle brewhouse, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.