How we Traveled to Paris for 5 days & paid NOTHING (Plus we made $643!)

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When we initially planned to start our adventures from Orlando, Florida, our first destination was Paris, France.  We had estimated flight costs, accommodations, Disneyland tickets, transportation, food, etc. to run us around $1,500 when everything was said and done...

BUT WE PAID NOTHING!!!  In fact, we were paid $642.67 for our amazing 5-day trip!!!! 

Here is how we did it:


Careful advanced planning helped us land airline tickets on Norwegian Air for only $419.75 for two people (under $210 each) INCLUDING their Hot & Tasty Meal, Seat Selection, and Extra Bag selection. 

When we arrived, we requested an Uber to bring us to our Airbnb - but, we could have probably just taken the train and saved quite a bit of money (Uber: $58.46, Airbnb: $289.98  - haven't used Airbnb before?  It's better than you think for much less money.  See our "Saving Money on Accommodations" page for more details and save $40 on your first trip with this link!).  Due to a delay in our original flight, we actually paid for 7 days at the Airbnb, but we were not allowed to receive a refund from the Airbnb for those unused days that late in the cycle. 


By taking advantage of the Navigo Decouverte Pass, we were allowed to use just about all methods of transportation for an entire week (Train/RER/Metro/Bus) for a total cost of only $101.88. 

Note: All prices below were converted to U.S. Dollars from Euros.

Day 0: Airport Delay, Flight to Paris 19:05


Day 1:

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (Free), Parc Monceau (Free).  Visiting some free parks on our arrival day helped us with preventing jet-lag and also familiarized us with using the train.


Day 2:

Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Outside - Free), Montmartre (Outside areas - Free), Arch de Triumph (Outside - Free), Champ de Mars (Free), Eiffel Tower (Outside - Free).  We also grabbed two Paris Travel Patches from a stand near the Eiffel for a total of $8.71.


Days 3 & 4:

Walt Disney Studios Park & Disneyland Parc (Special 2-Day Deal - $176.50 total - for 2 people, we definitely recommend looking for deal days!).  If you can only afford one day split between both Disney parks, check out our "What to do - and miss - at Walt Disney Studios Parc" post to save time.  You can also check out our Disneyland Parc photo gallery here!


Day 5:

FREE MUSEUM SUNDAYS!  Musée d'Orsay (Inside - Free), Tuileries Garden (Free), Louvre (Outside only due to time, but it was also Free to go inside), Gave the equivalent of $0.81 to some very rude people demanding donations near the Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle (Inside Free on the First Sunday of each month between 1st October to 31 March, but as we arrived on April 1st we paid $24.89.), Seine River Cruise ($42.52 for two people via Viator).  Check out "Famous Paris Sites in a Day" to see how we managed to pull it off.

Day 6: We took a 5:00 AM Uber to Airport ($57.27 total). 7:15 AM Flight.


Additionally, we ended up spending $227.35 on food between the both of us over those 5 days (see the breakdown on how we saved on food in our Paris Budget). 

Our total ended up being: $1,408.12.

However, due to the delay on our initial flight with Norwegian Airlines (a European Carrier flight to a European destination), a particular law allowed us to claim up to €600 each as compensation as well as additional costs associated with our delay - see info on that law here!).  We ended up receiving $1,850.88 in total for this from the airline!!!

But, as we also had Berkshire Hathaway's AirCare insurance package, we ended up receiving an additional $200 due to our flight delay claim as well.

Total Compensation: $2,050.88
Total Cost: $1,408.12
Net Cost: WE GOT PAID $642.76

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