A real hotel Money Saving App - takeabed

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We were skeptical about the “takeabed” app at first…

When we heard about this new app, we wondered if it was just another Scott’s Cheap Flights or Skyscanner app - or worse, an app that marks up prices from sites like booking.com, kayak, or hotels.com. But, it is neither off those. It really is different!


“takeabed” really saves you money on hotels

The best savings are at the 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts, but you also save money on regular price hotels as well. When we used the apps from Booking Holdings and Expedia Group and compared the prices against the takeabed app, this is what we found:

Four Seasons Hotel L.A. @ Beverly Hills

1 night for $591 + $94.52 in taxes and charges

Total: $685.52 @ booking | $573.49 @ takeabed

Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa

3 nights for $482 with taxes and charges

Total: $482.00 @ booking | $468.49 @ takeabed

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

2 nights for $1,880 + $235 in taxes and charges

Total: $2,115.00 @ booking | $1,391.49 @ takeabed

It works by offering you a membership - which is initially free with the code Agent10 and quite cheap after that - which unlocks the same price that Travel Agents receive on many hotels and resorts. In fact, you could even pay for the monthly or annual fee ($25/mo or $180/yr) while saving your friends money with this app. Just add a small commission to the price the app gives you and then share that hotel deal with your friends. When they book the hotel, you earn some income. They'll still get a cheaper price AND you'll be able to pay for the app completely (kinda like sharing the cost of a Netflix account) or you could even create a side business for yourself - add that as another Nomad Guide income idea!

We think of it like this: Test it out once with the free trial and see how much you save. Then, the next time you grab a hotel, sign up for the monthly account for $25 and save those hundreds again. It's like paying $25 for a $100 coupon, it's a no-brainer!

Want the benefit of this app without paying $25/mo or $180/yr?

Sign up with our Membership Plan (Explorer+) for only $5/mo or $40/yr (a savings of almost 88%!). By going through us, we’ll give you the FULL reduced price fare EVERY time!

Don’t want to sign up to be a Member? We allow our email subscribers to split the savings with us as well - for free!

Or, Grab the app yourself at http://takeabed.com/app.html or learn more at http://takeabed.com

Best Location & Value in the Bahamas

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Skip the Hotel Costs - Swap Houses Instead!

You have to pay your mortgage while you are traveling… in addition to your Hotel room(s)! Why not just swap houses with someone else and put the savings in your wallet? Who knows, it might just pay for your entire trip! Check out HomeForExchange below to find out more.


World Class Tours to Hard to Reach Places

G-Adventures is the only tour group that we know of that can bring you to Antarctica. Tours are developed with you in mind at every point of the trip. Some of these are longer adventure treks that will take you on an experience that will last a lifetime - like making your way to Everest Base Camp, the Great Wall of China, or Machu Picchu! Even though the adventure can be difficult, G-Adventures really tries to make you feel comfortable! Best in Class!

Best Travel Insurance Coverage

How RoamRight is Different

Outstanding Service, Exceptional Value, Impressive Technology

Their customer service and claims handling repeatedly surpasses customer expectations. Ratings on GoogleTrustpilot and travel insurance aggregators are among the highest in the travel insurance category. This is because of the simplicity of communicating with you during claims via their mobile app, online claims, and emergency alerts. You can even access their online portal for information about your travel insurance policy. It boils down to more value for your money, ease of fixing issues, and superior customer service when compared to other travel insurance providers.

RoamRight cruise travel insurance

Best Value & Service for Hotel Rooms & BnB's

Booking.com has you covered when it comes down to issues that you might have during your stay. Combine this with some of the best prices on hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and other unique places and you have yourself a winning place to book your stay. Just take a look at how affordable it is to travel to some of the places you want to go by checking below.

Airport Lounge Access - Best Value!

One of the best things to have if you are planning on traveling often is an airport lounge card. They honestly come in extremely handy if you are planning on traveling multiple times per year. They include food, drinks, alcohol, WiFi, comfortable sitting areas, restrooms, and occasionally even showers! If you travel often enough, your costs will be made up quickly simply by skipping the expensive meals at the airports and eating the food provided in the lounge instead. It really is one of our favorite travel deals! We got ours for free with our Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Free Wedding & Honeymoon at Sandals & Beaches Resorts

Sandals & Beaches Resorts are all inclusive, so once you've decided on your vacation - you really don't have to worry about any additional expenses.  Please keep in mind that these are luxury style resorts, but with the links below you can save yourself up to 65% plus a FREE night!  Also, 5-Star Dining, Scuba Diving, and even your Wedding is included in the price.  Additionally, Service Members, Police Officers, and Firefighters receive an additional 10% off.  There's also a deal to save $1,000 on the airfare!  What's not to love about an all inclusive luxury resort at a super steep discount??

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