Helping Children in Poverty in Africa and the Caribbean


Helping others is the meaning of life...

The children in Africa and the Caribbean are in particular need as they tend to have high orphan populations and a general lack of nutrition.  The young lady that we sponsor comes from the village of Mtsiliza in Lilongwe, Malawi (in Africa), where nearly 7.1% of children die before reaching age 5 and over 1.3 million end up as orphans. Over 62% of the population there are living on less than $1.25 per day and only 10% of boys and girls even attend secondary school. Sponsoring provides these children with an education, food, medical care, trauma counseling, and more. 

While supporting a child in another country may not directly help our cause of making traveling easier, it is something that we highly recommend as it is rewarding in itself.  Giving as little as $36/month will put these children through school and provide them with nutrition.  Sure, you can do more, but we think Children of the Nations and Give More HUGS are wonderful places to start in this endeavor.  It may just change your life!

We highly encourage supporting programs such as Farm from a Box, a complete, off-grid toolkit for community farming as well as Zero Mass Water, which builds solar panels that pull clean drinking water from the air. These are the technologies that we need in the world today to help end poverty. They produce the essential food, water, and energy needed to help people thrive.

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