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Nobody Knows Where He Is!!!

Waltoshi is wandering around the world - but he doesnโ€™t even know what a โ€œworldโ€ is at this point. He has been traveling since before he even arrived - and thousands of people have been looking for him - but nobody knows where he is!!! Can you help us find Waltoshi? Wherever could he be???

In a strange place, again!

โ€œThis isnโ€™t the first strange place that I have been - but it certainly is different than any other place I have ever seen! I sure wish I knew where I was so that maybe I could at least start to draw a map!โ€ - Waltoshi

Let your imagination run wild

Waltoshi is a baby and he sees the world through the eyes of a baby. Do you remember how that was for you? Everything is new and amazing to him - and every place he goes is a brand new adventure. Waltoshi is harder to find than Waldo, and even harder to track down than Carmen Sandiego. But, if you have a map you are already one step ahead of Waltoshi, so you could put together the clues to track down the places that he has been. And, if you are lucky, one day you might actually find and meet him!

Help Make This Story Grow

Waltoshi is kind of like Robin Hood, he is on a mission to help kids that donโ€™t have enough money to buy the things that they need to go to school. He also likes to help out adults if they donโ€™t have any money either. BUT WAIT, he is just a baby! So, itโ€™s hard for him to collect money to help them because they donโ€™t let babies work! So, he is busy sharing helpful tips that he learns on his adventures - and every time someone uses one of his tips he earns a little bit of money that he can use to help those people.

The best way to help him collect some money is by using his helpful tips to plan your adventures. You can also sign up as a Member to get even more tips on where Waltoshi might be - and you will even be helping him out with his mission at the same time! Also, you could get your friends to help you find him. Do you have any friends who travel a lot? Maybe they will recognize the places that Waltoshi is at!

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