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Do you have a 9-to-5 type job and think: "I want to travel more than I currently do."

Maybe you believe that you don't have the time to travel, but it turns out that you have plenty of time.

"More than half of Americans—54%—failed to take all of their allotted vacation days [in 2016], collectively sacrificing 662 million vacation days, according to a study the U.S. Travel Association’s Project Time Off [...]" - Fortune

While the above quote is referencing actual vacation days, let's just look at the non-vacation days that we aren't using.  There are 365 days per year and the typical job requires 5 days of work per week.  Two days off per week, times 52 weeks in a year, means that you get a full 104 days off that you could use to travel!  Now, they might all be weekend days if you're a nine-to-fiver, but that's a full three and a half months right there, and we aren't even including vacation time or holiday time in that calculation!  Given that 662 million vacation days went unused in 2016, chances are that the time is there but many people are just not using them. 
So, who isn't using their vacation days?

"51% of millennial men [used] all of their vacation time in 2016, compared to 44% of their female counterparts." - Fortune

If travel is a priority to you, you'll find that you have plenty of time for it.  So, why aren't you traveling?

Maybe it's because you only get 2 days at a time? 
Or because it's tough to organize a trip when you have children, pets, or parents to take care of? 
Maybe your job always seems to need you to stay when you'd like to go? 
Or because none of your friends can find time off either?

We're here to help you find that time!
Check out our articles above for help in particular areas.
We have even included advice from our fellow travelers, and nomads, in the articles as well!
If there's something we're missing, please send us a message and we'll do our best to figure something out for you. 


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Do you want travel advice specific to to finding time to travel?  Do you want to know how are we able to travel with a baby?  There are a few families out there that are able to travel as a lifestyle even with kids.  Perhaps a personal chat with someone with experience would help you feel more confident.  


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How Fellow Travelers Are Finding Time

"If it’s your passion, you plan for it and do it. My husband and I have two kids (13 and 6) and they LOVE to travel—we recently did Iceland in 2016, Belgium and France in 2017, and are doing Hawaii and Japan in 2019. We have pets at home and hire a house/pet sitter. Our parents are aging but we have siblings to help." - Devonn W.

"I used to leave my doggie in a pet hotel but now that Im living close to my mum, I asked my mum to care for him when Im on vacation. I feel confident and at ease knowing he's in good hands😊🐶" - Jelai C.

"Luckily my son and daughter in law look in on our kitty when we travel." - Colleen S.

"I take my children with me. Pets I find a sitter usually neighbor next door." - Candace D.

"Kids join, and pets are taken care off..." - Anique W.

"I have a pet, but I have someone to leave it to, and I travel for like a weekend, or 3 nights maximum when I travel alone." - Мюжи М.

"I have a neighbor take care of the pets. Care.com has a lot of helpful tips, too." - Dana C.

"Kid travels with us, pets stay with the neighbours/friends!" - Maria N.

"Pets? Use house sitters ...it's easier than putting pets in kennels. As for the kids, I agree...it is hard but take them with you...you'll find that people will usually bend over backwards to be more helpful." - Joyce M.

"For pets there’s an amazing website called “TrustedHousesitter”. I’ve been a member and I could attest a great review. And for the kids perhaps bring them along w you. Read blogs and get tips, be strict w the rules when you travel w them." - Sher H.

"I took my kiddos with me. Now they are grown I take my fur babies with me. There are a million places I haven't seen yet so I choose places they can go too. 😉" - Chichi M.

"Have older kids watch others and pets." - Debbie L.

"Pet sitter for the pets." - Linda B.