Travel Easy - Finding Time when you’re limited to weekends

Travel Easy - Finding time when you only have weekends - weekend travel - two day itineraries

Just started a new job and don’t have any vacation time yet? Used up all your vacation time for the year already? Enjoy the job you have and don’t want to become a digital nomad, but only have weekends to travel?

You can still travel more by utilizing your weekend days. Whether they’re on the standard weekend days of Saturday and Sunday or during the week, with planning and scheduling you can make it happen.

Prioritize your time

If you want to travel more, you need to make it a priority. Many people use their weekends to catch up on laundry, go grocery shopping, binge-watch their favorite shows, and meet up with friends. Time is limited and there are many things, activities, and people that vie for our attention. It may help you to make a list and see where travel falls in that list for you. When I was living and working in LA, I would take weekend trips up and down the California coast and also did some international trips to Asia. One of my coworkers asked how I found the time and money to do all the trips because he said wanted to travel more. But it turned out that his actual priorities were upgrading his car and getting more tattoos instead of traveling…and that’s okay too. We all have different interests and while some people may be interested in travel, it falls below other interests they also have. If traveling more IS a top priority for you, then read on for tips on how to best utilize your weekends!


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Be a local tourist

When you live in a place for a long time it’s easy to say, “I’ll visit that later” or “I went as a kid but haven’t been recently” about local attractions. Plan a day or two and explore the area you’re already in. Check out local museums, sometimes they have displays and exhibitions from international museums at certain times of the year. Try a new restaurant or bar, go to the local festivals and fairs, spend a day relaxing at a beach, pool, or lake. It’s also convenient to stay local as it doesn’t take up travel time to get to your destination. You’re already there! You can make it feel like more of a vacation or trip if you stay a night or two at a local hotel.


Take a road trip

Get out of town and go to the next one. Sometimes the drive itself is the change in scenery you wanted. If you go with a travel partner then you can take turns driving and go to farther destinations. Of course, the longer the drive the less time you’ll have at your destination. So if you have specific things you want to do/see then you may need to make sure you plan ahead correctly.


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Check for flight deals

You may be willing to shell out a few hundred dollars for a round-trip air ticket when planning a week-long or longer trip, but for most people it isn’t worth it for just a couple of days. Some airlines have annual or semi-annual sales on flights, and reasonable last-minute fares can pop up too. I have friends that take weekend trips from Florida to NYC or LA whenever they find a good deal. If you have a flexible schedule, you may even be able to stretch your time by leaving at night after work, spending two full days at your destination, and flying back early in the morning to go straight to work. Just try not to go two weeks in a row or you might be lacking on sleep!

Choose activities wisely

Basically, you be you. If you’re a whirlwind traveler, then pack your schedule full of as many things you can fit in. If you’re in need of a relaxed getaway, then take the time to unwind. Your two-day travel itinerary should reflect your style of travel. Personally, I’m all for doing and trying new things, but I also don’t want to waste my time on things I already have tried and know I don’t enjoy. Some people travel just to try new foods or the local specialties. Some people travel to see the historical sites they fell in love with in books. Some people travel to get a change of scenery. Whatever your reason for travel is, if you only have weekends, take advantage of them! 52 weeks in a year makes for 52 weekends. The possibilities are endless!


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