One month travelversary!

It feels a bit surreal to say that we've been traveling around full-time for a month already. I know a lot of travel bloggers write up year recaps and most of the well-known bloggers have been doing it for years. But what was it like when they were first starting out? In the spirit of documenting our journey, here's our first month in review:

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Places visited: Paris, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Grand Canaria, and La Palma. We stayed in AirBnBs in each place and have had great experiences so far. If you've never stayed at an AirBnB and would like to try it out too, click here to get $40 off your first stay!

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Things we wished we packed: Car phone mount/holder (bought one in Gran Canaria), audio cable, and a couple more pairs of hiking socks.

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Things we packed but haven't used: umbrella, duplicate charging cords for phones/electronics, insect repellent.

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Comforts from home we miss: Clothes dryer, cell phone service, flat land.

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Cars rented: 4. Avis, Interrent, Rhodium, and Orlando. Since I'm using my credit card's CDW insurance instead of the rental companies', they put a hefty hold on my credit card for safekeeping– usually around 300 euros. Interrent took a few days to release the hold, but it was done eventually. Rhodium put a 1200 euro(!!!) hold on my credit card, but they released it the same day the car was returned. Just be aware that if your credit limit isn't very high it could be a potential challenge for you. Also, Orlando Rental charged my card the 300 Euros instead of putting a hold. It took 3 days for them to refund it, and then I ended up with less because the exchange rate changed in that time.


Lowlights of the month: Drone crashing and falling

disneyland paris travelversary.jpg

Highlights of the month: Going to Paris Disneyland and Disney Studios for the first time! Kayaking in Los Gigantes in Tenerife!

kayak los gigantes travelversary.JPG
lanzarote cesar manrique travelversary.jpg

Overall month one impressionsReal downtime is essential. While it might seem like we're on vacation, we have been working almost everyday. Though the work is mostly fun, we do need times when we put down our cameras, phones, computers, etc. and just enjoy the moment. That's something anyone can do wherever they are. So if you've read this far, first off, THANK YOU! Now go take a moment and try to find something you enjoy about where you are right now. Moments are fleeting and we only get so many of them in our lifetime. Let us know in the comments how you like to enjoy your moments, and what you'd like to see more from us in the future! Thank you again!! :)

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