Why We're Traveling the World

"I would love to travel but I simply cannot find the time or money to do it."  Does this sound like you or someone you know?  We want to change that!  Our goal is to make travel available to everyone, regardless of their situations.

How could we do that for people who actually don't have the time or the money?  Enjoy living our experiences with us! 

  • Measuring our steps/miles/inclines to allow you to replicate our mountain climbs, city walks, or crazy adventures - inclusive of weather reports and some VR experiences to show you around.

  • Providing recipes for the food we try so that you can try it as well.

  • Including you in the places we go - we will be taking recommendations and showing you some of the places/things that you want to see!

  • Virtual Reality (VR) footage to let you stand where we are standing and look around, relax, or feel the adrenaline that we feel when we do something crazy (VR Goggles / Google Cardboard necessary for a better experience)

  • Plus we are taking recommendations on how we can improve your adventure with us, so please let us know what you would like to experience during our trips!

For those of you who are able to travel but are limited on time or funds:

  • We'll show you how to travel cheaper - like how we got one way tickets to Paris from Orlando for less than $120 (or how you can get round trip tickets to Norway for less than $95).

  • We'll show you how we stay in high-quality accommodations for around $45 or less per night before using our points.

  • We'll show you how to skip the lines at all of the hottest places on your list without robbing the bank!

  • We'll even go so far as to help you get your credit in order so you can take advantage of all of those super credit card bonuses out there that'll pay $300, $400, $500, or in some cases even up to $1,000 toward your trip for you!

For those of you who are saying "GREAT!  But I really want to just travel the world forever like you guys are doing!!!"  Wonderful!  We would love to show you how to do that!

  • We'll show you how to set up a permanent income stream that'll pay for your travels completely, forever!

  • We'll show you how to write off your travel expenses as business expenses to save you even more!

  • We'll share our travel budgets with our fans and show you how you can spend less (or more) than we did depending on your unique situations.

And for those of you who just want that unique experience - the one off the beaten path, the local's only hot spots, the hidden gems - we'll share that with you as well.

Our goal is to help everyone experience travel - and we want you to (virtually) join us on our adventures.  If there's something more we can do to make it feel more real to you, just let us know and we'll do our best to help out!

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Jenny & Bradley of EatWanderExplore