Stories from the Street

People of Earth: Our Members Make a Difference!

Helping the Homeless Membership proceeds accumulate until they reach the Targeted Amount.

We then introduce ourselves to a person that we meet along our journeys who is struggling and ask them a few questions about their situation.

Nearly all of the money is given directly to that person to help them get the things that they need.

Only $50 of the donation is used to produce a video of their story, create a fundraiser for them that will help them accumulate more assistance, and add them to an open forum to bring people together to help them out further.

We will share their stories here with you. 

The Target Amount is determined by how much our Members are currently donating.
You can donate more by signing up with multiple cards.

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Member Donations (monthly)

First person's name

This will be the first person's story.


Second person's name

This will be the second person's story.


Third person's name

This will be the third person's story.