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Travel Easy - Traveling Essentials for Parents - What to pack
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Parents’ Travel Packing Essentials

As parents, we need to pack for ourselves AND our children. Here are all the absolute essentials that you’ll need (and maybe a few extras)!

  • Travel insurance – Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but definitely get it! We haven’t had to make any medical claims, but we did use part of our travel insurance when our flights were delayed for two days and were happy with the response time.

  • Hand Sanitizer gel and wipes – Being able to wash your hands is not always readily available while traveling and you’ll want to keep yourself and your little ones healthy during your trip.

  • First aid kit – A ready-assembled kit is convenient, but you can also put together your own to suit your family’s needs. We carry antiseptic, bandages, anti-itch cream, cold/flu medicine, antihistamine, and upset stomach medicine.

  • Child’s birth certificate – Some airlines may require you to show proof of your child’s age if they are flying as a lap child. Also if flying internationally, you may need to show their birth certificate with your name on the document as their parent(s) when going through immigration.

  • Packing list – Create a packing list for each person in your family and keep copies for the end of your trip. It’ll make things easier when you’re packing to go home and (hopefully) ensure that you won’t leave anything behind in your hotel room!

  • Entertainment options – This will vary depending on your child’s age but pack a few books/toys/games for flights, road-trips, or maybe when you just need some parental downtime. We have a Nintendo Switch which is relatively compact and got an adapter to be able to plug it in to a TV and use it as a display.

  • Luggage identifiers/tags – You and your children will be able to easily identify your bags at baggage pickup with unique tags/identifiers. Also, if you all have matching or identical bags, you can get identifiers in various colors or shapes to avoid bag mix-up within your family as well.

  • Power bank – A spare battery that can charge your electronics on-the-go is a must for most modern travelers. Taking photos and video with your phone’s camera can drain the battery, and you’ll be thankful for the power bank when you need to use GPS to get back to your hotel! Power bank’s and chargers can be found on All-Battery.

  • Travel adapters – Traveling internationally? Make sure to pack travel adapters! You can cut down on the number of adapters you’ll need if you also pack a power strip with multiple sockets.

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