Ok, so you’ve set up your income, decided on your traveling lifestyle, set a budget, and have planned out your adventure. Do you have anything left to do?

If you have set up your side-income correctly and worked on it enough so that it is generating enough to cover your lifestyle choices… then you should be all set and ready to go! However, you may still need to “upkeep” that side-income if it’s coming in from sources that require your attention from time to time.

Also, if you just can’t wait to start traveling, but your side-income is still not going to cover your lifestyle choices at this point, you may need to continue working in some capacity while you are traveling. How can you do that?

Let’s get on the road now and check out the ways to keep that money rolling in here in Step 5!

Working takes up time as well; However, working may try to take over your fun time as well.  While it is vital to make sure that you actively take "a day off" from your holiday to sit down and focus on your business, it is also vital to enjoy your travels or this whole dream may turn into a nightmare.  Having a working business before you embark on your lifelong travel is highly advised because you would already have an idea of what amount of time you are going to need to allocate to each part of the work that is required for your business.  

For us, creating a path for other people to be able to travel the world for the rest of their lives was initially a giant idea with an elaborate structure of offerings and involvement from both ourselves and our fans.  Once we got started with the actual work, it seemed nearly impossible to tackle!  However, after taking much thought and consideration, we decided to place some of our ideas and offerings on the back-burner so that we could focus on the most vital aspects for now.  After a little more research, we were able to steam-line some of these items to allow us to have a decent work-life balance.  Our goal is to teach others how they can successfully travel the world for the rest of their lives.  It only makes sense that we would need to have that balance first, and it's our goal in this step to show you how to attain that balance as well! 

Additionally, it will probably need to be location-independent to allow for your new lifestyle. 

Some people will start out looking for remote-work that will allow them to work from anywhere they travel and 100% of the time.  Others will consider consulting or freelancing as they travel, but may find it difficult to connect themselves with agencies or learn how to find a position as they are traveling.  Check out the Working Abroad and Side Income sections for more information concerning these approaches.

Ultimately, what seems to work most often is launching and growing a startup.  Starting a company may seem more difficult than the other options to many people, but it really doesn't have to be super complex.  Also, in the end it will allow for the greatest flexibility in location as well as the greatest flexibility in working hours and income generation. 


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