Generating money and correctly budgeting it to cover your lifestyle choices may be the biggest part of the battle, but you may find your new traveling life to be quite crazy at times without a plan.

If you want to maximize the value you get from traveling the world, you will have to adjust your time to maximize the value you get from each location. You may have noticed some traveling, relaxation, planning, working, and laundry days in our 90-Day Itinerary example. When you are traveling non-stop, you will find that you won’t have the ability to just put it off until you get home. Your new homes are the places that you are traveling to, so you have to do all of this while you are moving around!

Ready to make planning simpler and improve the quality of your travels? It's time for Step 4!

Step 4 - Planning


One of the most effective ways to keep your budget on track is to pre-plan.  The more you have planned ahead of time the less likely you are to overspend.  Knowing just how much money you have left in a given month keeps you from surpassing your allotment.  Keeping track of your expenses in your budget will definitely help you plan effectively and keep you from overspending in the rest of the current month, but you'll also need to allocate actual time to sit down and decide what you will be doing a month, two months, or even 6 months into the future. 

Additionally, it may make more sense, specifically in the beginning, not to plan too far into the future because you may alter the way that you want to travel.  For example, you may start out thinking you want to visit 30 different places in Europe in a 3 month backpacking adventure, but a few weeks in you might decide that moving around so much is simply not your style and that you would prefer to cut out a few of your destinations to allow you relax a little bit more.

Planning involves just about every single step here: You will need to plan time to maintain and improve your side income, to keep track of your lifestyle choices, to update your budget, to plan for the future, to find some time to relax and do errands, and to actually do some work.  We juggle working days, excursion days, planning days, and relaxation days.  In this step we will show you how to allocate your days so you don't get overwhelmed! Click on the button below to get started.


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