At this point you should have picked a choice, or a couple choices, for your Side Income.  If you haven't started putting that together already, you should do that first.  We want to make sure you are successful in your endeavors to travel the world, so it is important for you to start making that money!  If you need help, please contact us via email and we will try to direct you to the right place or even give you some helpful advice ourselves.

For example, if you decided to start a blog you should have either chosen a WordPress, SquareSpace, or some other web-hosting platform to begin your blog.  Then, you should have picked a package and started setting up the blog.  This process is going to take a little while.  As we mentioned earlier, it is a bit of work and may take you a few weeks to get it all set up.

Once you have your Side Income idea all set up, use the tools and tips buttons under those sections (on the Generate Side Income page) to at least provide a way for you to generate income.  For example, if you have a blog, make sure you have some affiliate links in there through or sign up with Share a Sale to get some affiliate links.  Find a good place to put those on your blog while you work on your content and SEO.  Now, even though you may not have a ton of web traffic on your site, at least if someone went there they could click on one of those links and you would earn a small amount of money.

Once that is in place, it's time for Step 2!

Is your side-income situation already producing income? Would you like to provide helpful tips to fellow future-nomads on how to get theirs set up and running? Please let us know and we’ll put a link to your post, page, or video here!

Step 2 - Lifestyle


Our lifestyle choices always end up influencing our budgets. There are 5 main spending categories that will determine your traveling lifestyle while you move around the world.  They are essentially the same as if you aren't traveling.  Those are: Accommodations (hotels, Airbnb's, etc), Transportation (planes, trains, automobiles, etc.), Food (restaurants, groceries, snacks, etc.), Entertainment (excursions, adventures, movies, etc.), and Other (soaps, souvenirs, clothes, etc.).  This will help determine your budget and/or if you should be spending less while your side income grows. 

These primary categories are in place to help you focus on what is actually costing you the most money.  The goal is to maximize the value you receive from these five categories.  That doesn't mean that cheap has to be cheap.  It means that you can look for a four star place at a two star price or maybe you catch a regularly expensive flight for almost no money whatsoever.  Either way, you are maximizing the value you receive for every dollar/pound/euro/yen that you spend.

We are averaging less than $50 per night in accommodations (but we know we could get cheaper and we'll show you how to cut or where to add when appropriate!).  We were able to fly one-way from Orlando to Paris for $210 each (inclusive of a checked bag, meal, and seat selection!).  We've taken advantage of having kitchens at Airbnb's so that we can cook some of our own meals and cut food costs to $1 to $3 each per meal.  We've researched entertainment options that provide the most value after finding deals and discounts.  And we avoid most of our shampoo and cosmetic costs by utilizing those that are available at the hotels, VRBO’s, or Airbnb's that we stay at as well. 

In this step we will show you what categories we fit into and how your lifestyle could end up being better simply based on where you intend to travel.  Check out the "Lifestyle Choices" button below.


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