Da Nerbone - Florence

When you do a search for food to eat in Florence whether on a budget or not, Da Nerbone is on many lists. They serve traditional Tuscan sandwiches with the lampredotto being the most traditional. If you like tripe, then this is the place to get it. Fear not if tripe isn't your thing though! The beef or pork sandwiches are also delicious!

da nerbone two lines.jpg
da nerbone counter.jpg

Ordering was a whole experience in and of itself. You can't be shy or timid. First, stand in the line that goes off to the left. When you get to the register you'll have to speak up and order right away. After ordering, you'll get a ticket/receipt. The ticket doesn't say what kind of sandwich you ordered though! So you'll have to tell the guy making the sandwiches at the next counter what you ordered when you show your ticket. Again, speak up and hold your ticket up to show him. Otherwise he may skip over you and start serving the person behind you who is waving their ticket and loudly proclaiming their order.

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If you can survive the ordering process, you'll be rewarded with your sandwich! I got the bollito, which is a boiled beef sandwich. The beef was tender and juicy and the spicy sauces were the perfect complement. The bread is a little crusty but they dip it in the beef drippings and while probably not the healthiest sandwich ever, it was so yummy! Bradley got the porchetta, which is the pork sandwich. It didn't have the spicy sauces but it was flavorful and also very delicious. Unfortunately we don't have photos of the sandwiches because by the time we figured out the ordering process and got our food–we were starving and scarfed them down! Guess we'll just have to go back someday!


Da Nerbone is located on the first floor of Mercato Centrale near a corner. Look for the long line of people!

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