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Best travel shoes – 2018

Some people have asked what shoes we would recommend to travel with. There are some people who can get by with just one pair of shoes but it’s going to depend on your travel style. We like mountain hiking, self-walking tours, going to the beach, and visiting cultural sites. Here are our favorite picks:


Hiking shoes – We both wanted lightweight, high-top, waterproof boots with good traction. They are great for hiking, and cold or wet weather.  Here are the ones we chose: Bradley / Jenny. We’re both happy with our choices and neither of us had to break them in much.

Walking shoes – Some people might be able to use their hiking boots as their walking shoes as well. But we already had walking shoes we loved:  ON cloud shoes. Pros: Super lightweight, feels like you’re just wearing socks, slip-on, comfortable, very breathable, and low profile. Cons: If you’re walking on a rocky path then some rocks can get stuck in the sole and if it's raining the water can get through the front mesh. They’re easy to pull out though and the pros outweigh the small cons by a large magnitude.


Slippers/flip-flops – You can get cheap rubber ones to use in showers if you’re staying in hostels, but we chose ones that we could walk around in for a long time if necessary. Here's a link to see the ones I have, but I got them at Costco for less than half of the price.


That wraps up our essential shoes. I have a pair of TOMS that I packed as well. I wore them a lot before starting our world trip, but I’ve been wearing our walking shoes the most now.


Thank you for your support! Let us know in the comments what your go-to travel shoes are. We're always open to trying new products!