Gasthof Hotel Weißes Rössl Review - Innsbruck, Austria

Gasthof Hotel Weißes Rössl
Kiebachgasse 8
6020 Innsbruck

The non-extensive menu is only in German, but the waitress was easily able to translate the items into English for us. We also were able to use the google translate app to get a pretty good idea.  Some items like “feuerfleck” translated as fire fish, but it was actually a type of flat bread.  

innsbruck flat bread.jpg

We ordered a flatbread with salmon, spinach, sheep cheese, and arugula. Usually it comes with either salmon and arugula OR spinach and sheep cheese. We asked the waitress if we could have salmon with spinach instead of arugula, but there must have been some miscommunication and we ended up with all four toppings. It still turned out well and the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

innsbruck elderberry water.jpg
innsbruck apple streudel.jpg

We also tried the elderberry flavored water. It came with a slice of lemon and was light and refreshing. The winner of the meal was the dessert though! Warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce was a lovely way to finish the experience.

If you’re visiting in summer, definitely grab an outside table as it can get fairly warm inside.