Eating on a Budget in Marrakesh, Morocco


When it comes to food in Marrakech, the prices are generally quite reasonable.

Exchange rates are currently around 10 Moroccan Dirham per Dollar, or 12 per Euro. This makes it fairly easy to convert prices. 

One of the staple items that you'll end up trying (even if you don't go looking for it, but you should definitely try anyway) is the Moroccan Mint Tea.  This tea is a slightly sweetened hot mint tea, but it is definitely worth the 10-25 Dirham ($1.00-$2.50) that it costs to get the cultural taste experience. 

You should also note that certain sauces that you believe you are already familiar with will be quite a bit different in Marrakesh, such as the pizza sauce.  Moroccan pizza will use a few different spices in the sauce to give it that unique Moroccan flavor!  Additionally, most meals will be served with a side of bread and possibly a dish of seasoned olives.



As for restaurants, if you want to treat yourself to a higher end restaurant with traditional Moroccan decor, such as Le Grand Cafe de la Poste, you’ll likely end up paying roughly $25.50 (255 Dirham) for the Tender Roast Beef and similar dishes. There are a few other dishes, such as the Grilled Sardines, that run about half that price. However, a few of the Ryad's will be a bit pricier, such as Ryad Monceau which has a prix fixe menu for either 350 or 450 Dirham (roughly $35-$45 per dinner, your choice of two menu options not including beverages).  Many of the meal items at these locations can likely be found at less expensive places, so unless you are looking specifically for that ambiance you can save quite a bit by getting the Traditional Moroccan Couscous or Tajine's at other locations. 

If you are on a budget then you are in luck. There are plenty of local restaurants that are both tasty and more affordable than the higher end restaurants. For example, the Fayrouz Marrakech has wonderful Chawarma Sandwich lunch specials that come with fries and a Lebanese Lemonade for only 41 to 45 Dirham ($4.10-$4.50).  You can even get the sandwich by itself for 25 Dirham ($2.50).  Other places, such as Kech Burger, will offer great tasting burgers (English/American type food) for 35-55 ($3.50-$5.50) Dirham each.

Grocery shopping is also a cheap option. For less than 20 Dirham ($2.00) you can grab some pasta and a jar of sauce that you could cook yourself for 2 people (if you have a stove and pot available). That’s roughly $1.00 each.  Additionally, you'll find that many stores and shops will sell circular loaves of bread for less than 5 Dirham ($0.50) each.

Please let us know if you have any more tips that you would like to add about eating in Marrakesh or if you’d like more information on how to save money on food while traveling!

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