What to do –and miss!– at Walt Disney Studios Park (Paris)

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Planning a visit to Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris? Here are our must-do and okay-to-miss lists!


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Must-dos at Walt Disney Studios Park:

1. Ratatouille:  The Adventure
This adorable family-friendly ride shrinks you down to the size of Remy and takes you on an adventure through Gusteau's kitchen. TIP:  Take advantage of the single-rider line if you're short on time. We were able to get on within about 15 min instead of waiting in the 60 min regular queue.

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2. Crush's Coaster
Unexpectedly a very fun roller coaster that surfs through the EAC! There are two seats on each side of the turtle shell you sit in and they face back-to-back. The shell turns as you ride down the track, but is smooth and really feels like a current is pulling you along. The line can get long–1 to 2 hours, but there's free wi-fi and a themed game they have posters for... or there's always Pokemon Go. There's no Fastpass or single rider for this one, so be prepared to wait. I'd say it's worth the wait if you've never been on it, otherwise it's worth about a 60 minute wait.

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3. Mickey and the Magician
This show is seasonal so I was really happy to be able to watch it. Mickey plays the apprentice of a Magician and is told he needs to clean up before he can practice his magic. While tidying up, he encounters a few visits from other magical Disney characters. If you've ever been on a Disney Cruise then it might remind you of "Believe". If you liked that show, then you'll definitely like this one! If you haven't seen "Believe", but enjoy musical theatre with Disney Magic then you'll enjoy it too!

Things to skip at Walt Disney Studios Park:

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1. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
The Paris version of this ride has a slightly different queue line and theme, and the songs played during the ride are different than the Florida one. BUT it rattles you around much more. I've ridden the Florida version 5 times back-to-back without any problems, but the Paris version really shakes your brain up and bounces your head around. Hopefully they'll update the track and cars when it gets re-imagined as a Marvel Avengers coaster, but until then I'd say you could skip this one. It's very telling that the wait time is usually only 5 minutes on a busy day–it's best avoided.

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2. Armageddon Special Effects
If you like standing in a large room with dozens of other tourists while things explode, catch on fire, and/or emit mist and smoke then this is the attraction for you. Otherwise the Studio Tram Tour is a much better option to see special effects.


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3. Bistrot Chez Remy
Okay so this is a restaurant and not an attraction per se, but the theme and decor are the draws. Unfortunately the food is overpriced and the service was lacking. The Ratatouille themed decor is very cute with the idea of being the size of a rat and sitting on chairs that look like they are made from bottle caps. But if you want a Disney French food experience that delights the senses as described in the movie Ratatouille, Bistrot Chez Remy is not it. Save your money and use it to splurge for Remy on Disney Cruise Line instead.


Hope these lists help you plan your trip to Walt Disney Studios Park! Let us know in the comments if you agree on our picks, and what your favorite attractions are! Thanks for reading. If you've found this useful, please share with a friend!