Kayaking at Shingle Creek Regional Park

Right near mile marker 15, off of US 192, lies this beautiful kayaking gem.  Rent a kayak from Shingle Creek Regional Park's Paddling Center for $14-$18 per hour and relax in natural Florida for a few hours.  If you haven't been here, I would definitely recommend it.  Consider it an easy kayaking experience as you navigate roughly a half mile downstream to the cypress forest.  See our video for some of the views along the way.  Posted markers will let you know how far you are from the Paddling Center and stop signs are located at points where you should turn around.  This is a unique experience allows you to see Florida's wildlife up close without having to leave the Disney area of Kissimmee, Florida.  If you are quiet you may even spot a Florida alligator!  However, alligators are afraid of kayaks and typically swim away if you make too much noise.  If you are looking to experience Florida's natural beauty but are either limited on funds or don't have a full day to do the 8.5 mile downstream River Run Adventure from King's Landing out to Wekiva Island, this one at Shingle Creek will do the trick.  Enjoy!

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