Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica - Port Excursion - A Jamaican Experience

Mystic Mountain is a misty mountain.  Fog may not be present when you go up the ski lift to the top of the mountain, but it was present for us.  The ride up to the top of the mountain does take a little while, but the view on the ride up is beautiful.  If you are afraid of heights, try not to look down - but even if you do, it is typically only about 20-50 feet off the ground at any point.  Once you get to the top you'll find a spot to grab a photo, look around the mini museum, search around a store, or head over to the bobsled.  

We headed directly toward the bobsled.  The line did take a few minutes to get through, but if you have time you are welcome to purchase more rides as well.  Each ride on the bobsled will bring you down the mountain and back up non-stop, so you won't need the ski lift to get back to the top each time you go down; However, you will need to take the ski lift back to the bottom when you are ready to leave.  The bobsleds are individual, which means one person per bobsled. They do let you connect bobsleds together, so we went down on two bobsleds that were connected and acted as one (the second car has its breaks locked in the "off" position).  

The ride itself seemed very secure, locked on the track and in a secure vehicle with a seatbelt - i.e. I would claim this one is much safer than the Rodelbahn near Oeschinensee lake in Kandersteg, Switzerland.  You can feel free to fly down a full speed without any real concern, however I did use the break a couple of times because I had my then soon-to-be-wife on the bobsled attached to mine.  It was a lot of fun and we highly recommend doing this adventure if you are in Jamaica!

After the bobsled, you can enjoy the local Jamaican Dancers & Drums along with a local cuisine including Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Fish, Rice & Beans, and Punch.  It was a great addition to the experience as we hadn't been expecting that part and it came included with our ticket price.

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Jenny & Bradley of EatWanderExplore