Nona Sushi Review - Lake Nona - Orlando, Florida

Looking for the best sushi in Orlando? In Lake Nona, a growing town southeast of MCO-Orlando Int'l Airport, Nona Sushi is tucked away at the back of a shopping center. Don't let the casual exterior and decor fool you. This is a great find and perfect place to go for a "good" sushi craving in central Florida.

Pictured below are the Moon and Sunset rolls. The Sunset roll is one of Bradley's favorites, he orders it every time. The salmon is always fresh and delicious, and the lemon adds a light flavor that gives it a refreshing taste.

nona sushi moon and sunset rolls

Like most, if not all, sushi restaurants in Orlando, the menu leans heavily on rolls. If you're interested in more traditional style sushi, Nona Sushi does offer nigiri sushi a la carte, as well as sushi and sashimi combos. They also have a chirashi bowl which is pictured below. The fish is cut well and a few of them seemed to just melt in your mouth.

chirashi nona sushi

Prices for rolls range $8-$14 per roll, and a pair of nigiri sushi will run $4-$9. If you're living in Orlando and are craving good sushi without wanting to break the bank, it's definitely worth the drive out to Lake Nona. Plus it's rarely crowded since it isn't off Int'l Drive or in the near vicinity.

Do you live in or visit central Florida? Where are your favorite sushi spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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